Online Employee Scheduling & Timesheets

Online Employee Scheduling & Timesheets

Bizimply allows you to manage your business and your staff across multiple locations.Ensure you have up to date employee profiles with all essential details including payroll, documents and HR information. Bizimply helps businesses of all sizes to drive efficiency, save time and lower labor costs.

With Bizimply you can capture the day to day information such as sales, issues and more in all your locations.

- Create and cost employee's schedules.

- Daily shift logbook's for each location

- Staff, supplier and equipment profiles

- Issue tracking for staff, suppliers and equipment

- Daily targets for sales and labor

- Create and export reports

- Monitor employee attendance with our Timestation app and speed up payroll

Scheduling: Your schedule is instantly costed, compared to targets and sent to all employees via the MyZimply mobile app.

Time & attendance: Clock in and out on an iPad that syncs wirelessly with your Bizimply account. Always know who's working from your mobile phone.

Employee profiles: Manage all your employee info, from multiple locations, in one place. Always online and up to date with key details, payroll info, issues and more.


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